Building Your Network for Success

27 May 2018 Mr. Peterman Brand, Business, Product

There are a lot of things to look for when selecting the right developer to work with for you or your company. Experience, skill sets, niche expertise, team size, and many others come to mind to compare. Something that may not always come to mind is the network and other resources your developer can bring to the table. This doesn’t just mean manufacturers or graphic designers, but also means investors, marketers, business development, coaches, web developers, app developers, and any other resources you might need to make your product or business successful.

When looking for the right development partner for you or your business, don’t be afraid to discuss other needs outside of just the product development. At the Peterman Design Firm, we want our clients to be as successful as possible. Through years of networking and building relationships, I’ve build a solid network, that still grows daily, of people and businesses that I know and trust to deliver whatever I need for my clients. That means we support before and after our core competency, unlike many design firms. Some of the resources we’ve found most start-ups and inventors need in addition to our core services are: Graphic Design, Website Design, Marketing, Business Advice/Coaching, and Attorneys. We have connections to many others but have found these to be the most common. Whether you work with us or someone else, make sure these services are available at least as a referral.

If you are a small to medium sized business, more likely than not you don’t have an internal department for everything. Working with a single point of contact is very desirable as it makes it easier to manage, and some of the management is outsourced. Working with a firm like the Peterman Design Firm gives you the option of having someone else manage various resources so you just focus on the results and end goal, not worrying about the day to day items. Development firms like ours who have a large network of resources for our clients can provide a very large benefit that you might not even think about at the beginning stages.

Smart business means having a large well curated network that can handle any tasks and projects. The right developer will bring more than just their internal team to the table to support you and your business. Getting the team you need to be successful is sometimes as easy as just finding the right person with the right network for you.