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21 Dec 2018 Mr. Peterman Announcements

It’s always been the goal to offer complete design services to our clients. Because of this, we have expanded our services to include Product + Branding to help you be as successful as possible! While we started out in Product Development, the time has come to add the next part to the equation. We can more fully help you develop your successful companies, not just products. We’re doing this through Branding. While we’re still building our own website, seems all design firms are behind the times on that one, we’ve been putting together years of projects that our team has completed for branding clients to showcase what we are capable of as a firm.

Expanding Team

We’ve added a small team of graphic and brand designers to be able to offer this service. Their experience covers many industries, from restaurants to healthcare, cannabis, and manufacturers. Our amazing designers can create a cohesive brand for a company or a product. Because of this, we’re able to create websites, marketing material, and every other area that needs branding in your business or product. This dovetails nicely with our current services and we are excited to work with our clients in the new year in creating amazing brands and products.

Complete Design Services

If you are looking for complete design services to turn your idea into reality, we would love to help. With our expanded team and our history of success, we can make your vision a reality. We help with both physical and digital products and companies.

Follow this blog to see tips and learn about Product Development and Branding. We’d love to help you with your product or brand needs. Contact us to start your project today. We’ll be able to answer your questions and get your project going in the right direction. Your brand matters and we can help you make it valuable.

Product + Branding
Product + Branding
We now offer Product + Branding design services to help you be as successful as possible! Visit our portfolio and start your project!
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