3 Reasons you Should use a Firm and Not Just a Freelancer

02 Feb 2018 Mr. Peterman Business, Product

I’ve worked with many clients while I was just a freelancer myself, and as a development firm (unfortunately) I’ve spent far more time fixing the mistakes of freelancers than I’d like to count. Many times those clients had decided to use a freelancer based on price. Clients assume a freelancer will be easy to work with, low cost, and fast, but if this were always the case firms would go extinct. Here are three reasons why you should use a firm instead of just a freelancer.
Value. When looking at the cost of a freelancer, many have rates much lower than a firm would. But what does that cost end up being? Choosing a good firm over freelancing usually means projects do not have to be redone by someone else. I’ve had many clients that have come to me needing help cleaning up a mess a freelancer had made, and while they would have actually had the budget to hire a firm to help at the beginning, they had now spent half of it on a bad job, resulting in not enough money to even hire someone to clean it up. Firms provide greater value to their clients than freelancers do.
Scalability. When you hire a freelancer, you hire one person, that’s it. Ideally, your product is so successful that you will need more and more design and development support. A firm (like the Peterman Firm) can grow with you because it will have a team. A firm can accommodate more rush work and meet tighter deadlines with multiple clients due to the fact that this team will have the resources to properly put toward a project as important as yours.
Process. Great firms are easier to work with than a freelancer. They have the support of a team that can make sure your deliverables are on time, even when the firm is working on a rush job. Your job is important and working with a team means the flexibility is there to put whatever hours are needed to get your project done. Firms are dedicated to offering service and support for their clients. Hiring a great firm will give you more knowledge and experience about the design and development process, this means better decision making for your future projects.

Firms are sometimes perceived as being slow, stuffy, or overpriced. While they do cost more, price isn’t value. At the Peterman Firm we offer far more than just a designer or developer. We work with our clients to provide resources and support for every step of the way, which means you aren’t using a series of freelancers to get your project done. This saves you time and money.


Title : 3 Reasons you Should use a Firm and Not Just a Freelancer

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A firm (like the Peterman Firm) can grow with you because it will have a team.

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