Brand Values

We started at the very beginning, working with the founder to define their why and creating the mission, vision, and values of the company. Their story was a close one of family and loss and a mission to help others. Defining the core was key to ensuring the rest of the brand and products matched the values of the founder and their story. From digital to physical presence, we created an end to end customer experience that was enjoyable. Whether they were online, at a convention, or in a store, the experience for the customer remained cohesive.
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Digital Presence

Taking their core brand and values, we created their digital presence, starting with their website. We also expanded into creating and launching their social media presence and other digital assets. Moreover, We worked with them to meet the regulatory needs of their industry, from age limits to other state and federal requirements for their digital presence through the ever changing scene of their industries legal rules.

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Physical Experiences

The final component that we worked with them on was creating the in-store, convention, and other tangible experiences for their customers. In-store display, product packaging, and display for conventions/trade-shows were created following their brand guidelines. The experience of the customer during every interaction was the primary focus of Bang Bang and their primary goal during this process. We also created various types of swag and other products to go with their brand as a way to grow their brand and presence in the physical world.

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You can visit their website here: Bang Bang Vape Co

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