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The Conscious Design™ blog, podcast, and YouTube channel is your guide to understanding the product development process, branding, and starting up a company. Whether inventor, designer, or entrepreneur, we have content to help you be successful. Written primarily by Ian Peterman, our CEO, founder, and Conscious Design expert, this blog pulls from his and our team’s extensive experience and history with startups, products, and brands as we seek to build conscious brands and products. We hope you enjoy this content and learn something valuable through it. Let’s make your vision a reality.

Tools of the Design World: Photoshop

The world of photo manipulation and graphic design has seen many improvements over the last 20 years. With the onset of the internet age, digital marketing and more advanced manipulation software has come to the fore. No software has exemplified that need quite so well as Adobe’s Photoshop.

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CNC 101: The Essentials

Before CAD came around, it was challenging to fabricate products reliably and at scale at an industrial volume. Often, manufacturers need to design several variations of a product to determine if production capacity and processes could meet quality and safety standards.

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The Difference Between Product, Corporate, and Personal Branding

Branding is a term we hear often when discussing a company. Consumers are subject to branding tactics every single day without realizing it. For business owners building a brand that people connect with is paramount to success. If they feel nothing when interacting with your branding, or worse, they walk away with a negative feeling, it is almost impossible to get them back.

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Close of 2020

The colors you choose, graphic you design, the way your limited space is put together — all of it combines to tell the viewer something important about your app and the brand behind it.

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What is Electrical Engineering?

When it comes to creating useful products, it takes a vast amount of expertise and experience. Taking an idea and making it real can involve many experts. Electrical engineering a vital component for many design projects.

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