Creating a New Idea

30 Mar 2018 Mr. Peterman Product

When looking to create a new product, there are two general ways a new product idea is created. While one is more business focused and the other is more personal, both are valid and very good ways to think of new products. They are also both used by developers and designers.
The first way we’ll discuss is problem based solutions. The is how most “average” people come up with most ideas. It’s not because the other way is harder, but this one is more natural. Ideas are generated in this way are usually from personal experience. Having a problem that could be solved by a product, or service, or seeing someone else have an issue and thinking of the solution to that problem. This looks at the human element first, there is a need, based on a problem, that at least one person experienced enough times for them to consciously, or unconsciously, think of a solution to that problem. This creativity is something that product developers and designers are demanded to produce daily. Thinking of new solutions to problems they have been presented.
This way of inspiration and discovery is somewhat mysterious to most people, even people who live and breath creativity and work every day to create new ideas don’t always fully understand this process. Examples of this type of idea creation would be most common items we take for granted and don’t think of as “being invented” like blankets, the wheel, and cups.
Data Based
Data based invention come from looking at markets, finding openings in current product options, and creating a new one that fills a void in the market. This is heavily research based, which is why most people don’t create their product ideas this way. Many larger companies’ internal development and “idea generators” look at things this way. This would be the research part of R&D in companies. This type of development creates a more determined and measurable level of development that companies need.
These are two broad stroke ways of coming up with a new product idea. For designers and developers, the best of us practice and practice at how to use both methods to get the right product created. We are expected to, and always aspire to, be creative on demand. That’s what product developers are paid to do, and it’s our craft. Next time you have a great idea, find a good developer, and bring it to life.


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