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Even if you’ve been told your idea is too hard, we don’t believe that’s a thing. Anything new, and worth doing, takes effort. It only becomes easy after many people have done it and everyone knows it’s possible. We specialize in the impossible every day. Every step of the product development process is an opportunity to create something new that will make your product the best and most impactful possible. Our decades of experience allow us to bring products to market quickly and efficiently, whether you want a smart device developed or are looking for something less complicated, our design & engineering skills allow us to create products that others would tell you are impossible.

Our research and ideation, your idea. Together we’ll refine and define the best version of your idea. We search both the market and patent database to ensure we find the best point of entrance for your product into the market. This also let's us identify possible patent opportunities and gaps where you can gain more value from your product. We bring fresh ideas to the table you haven’t thought of before so you know you'll have the best solution available.
We use many tools, from sketching, to foam models, to digital 3D modeling. Our most important resources are clear communication and excellent client rapport. We design and develop your product into an aesthetically pleasing and viable design that can be prototyped and manufactured. Every product goes through an iterative development process to become manufacturable without losing its design along the way.
We maintain your design intent from concept all the way through production and every step in between. Your product is prototyped, tested, double checked, then prototyped again just to make sure. We care about quality over speed, which saves us time in the end. We source and manage prototyping and manufacturing for your product, letting you focus on your ideas and the business, we handle everything a design & engineering team inside your company would, minus the extra costs.