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Press Kit & Podcasts

Press kit & podcasts

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→ Founder/CEO,

→ Owner,

→ IT/Ops,

→ Product Developer, B.S. in Industrial Design

→ My Blog: the Visionary Mastermind blog

→ PNW transplant to sunny LA

→ Enjoys time with his family, soccer, and coming up with new startup ideas

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Short Bio (perfect for podcasts & articles)

Mr. Peterman grew up surrounded by design, engineering, and entrepreneurial people. He started his first business at the age of 12. After working as a designer for over a decade within startups and companies like HP, Mr. Peterman started the Peterman Design Firm to help visionaries develop products and businesses.

Long Bio

Mr. Peterman grew up surrounded by design, engineering, accounting, and entrepreneurial people. He started his first business with his brother at the age of 12. While that one didn’t last longer than a couple years, it sparked the capacity to continue working for himself while working day jobs. After working as an engineer and designer for over a decade within startups and companies like HP, Mr. Peterman decided to start a design firm with several partners. A couple years later the partners all went in different directions and he found himself still not having the company he had wanted to create since before high school. Working with the visionaries of the world helping them create thriving businesses from their exceptional ideas. So, he founded the Peterman Design Firm.

He’s passionate about green-tech, the outdoors, space, and developing new technologies that can help humanity move on to better things. The firm began with just Mr. Peterman in his garage, growing to now have a team of designers, engineers, artists, business consultants, and marketing experts. All helping the firm’s clients and their companies reach their full potential. We enjoy supporting existing companies in evolving their brand and developing new products that serve their clients and we pride ourselves in offering visionaries and startups full-service support in the launch of their company from early ideas to their first sales. The firm’s mission is to be the global leader in the design and launch of innovative and sustainable technologies, products, and brands and we have the team to do it. When not working toward that mission, he’s with his family enjoying life.

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Finding and guiding the right customers to your business

what is Marketing?

Marketing is everything done to get in front of the right customers. This includes things like branding, websites, advertising, and PR. It’s a large umbrella and covers many different services. As the area that truly brings in revenue, it is also going to make up a large portion of your entire yearly budget. Market research and strategies play key roles in what and how you market. Key areas we consider under marketing that, though some people put outside of it, are branding, advertising, and PR. These are all part of the larger marketing strategies and goals. Marketing is very goal oriented and must always have a direction to move towards, or it becomes costly with little to show. We break down the action portion of marketing into two categories, short and long term. Things like SEO, content marketing, and PR are often long-term strategies that take months, sometimes over a year, to get results. Ads, influencer marketing, and website work are typically short term.

How Marketing Helps You

Marketing creates the relationships and awareness customers have of you, your brand, and your products or services. A well-coordinated and executed marketing strategy can create meteoric success. Good market research can provide you the information to know which products to launch and when and show new openings where a product could fit. Good marketing helps advertising and other efforts to be successful.

Our Marketing Process

Our marketing process involves our internal team researching and creating the strategies that will work for your business and customers. Following that, we work with our internal team and partners who specialize in different areas, such as advertising or PR, to execute on the strategy created. By combining short-term and long-term actions, we create more consistent results and offer success through the entire process.

Marketing Highlights

Marketing creates the path from idea to market share. The key to your success is a good marketing strategy.

→ Consulting

→ Marketing strategy

→ Website Design & Development

→ Product line evaluation

→ Competitor evaluation

→ Audience identification

→ Content and SEO

→ Advertising

Specialties Involved in Marketing

To bring a company into building its Brand Legacy, we need a team of specialists in different areas. Each of these are their own area of expertise and we bring the best possible team together for your project in these areas.

→ Website Design

→ Website Development

→ Branding

→ Market Research

→ Market Strategy


→ Digital Advertising

→ PR

→ Influencer Marketing

→ Content Marketing

→ Advertising

let's grow your market share!

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Brand Legacy

Brand Legacy

Building your brand to last the test of time.

what is Brand Legacy?

Brand Legacy is the design, development, and management of a brand over time, spanning decades or longer. Brands who have stood for over a hundred years have Brand Legacy. It is a way to look at branding and the executive thought leadership of a company and make adjustments to impact the brand, looking at the long-term goals and success. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs are also integral to this way of approaching branding. Putting CSR programs, executive thought leadership, and 50+ year planning together creates Brand Legacy. Brand Legacy takes the mystery away from how to create a hundred year brand and provides the foundation to create the next Coco Cola, DuPont, Colgate, JP Morgan Chase, Jim Bean, or Macy’s (a couple of these are over 200 years old).

How Brand Legacy Helps You

Building a brand to last generations sets you up for success in every area. Whether the goal is the sell the company or keep it, setting long term goals, 50+ years into the future creates a vision that few companies even try to aim for. This type of planning puts things into a different perspective. Focusing on executive thought leadership and CSR programs rounds out a business and brand. These help every other area of the business and creates long term success. Long-term success isn’t just a hope, it’s a well-executed plan.

Our Brand Legacy Process

We approach each area, CSR, executive thought leadership, and long-term planning, as parts of a whole brand and business. These areas help define and guide other areas, such as brand narrative and business decisions. We use the OKR methodology as part of this, but then push further to get the goals of the entire executive and management for 20, 30, 50 years from now. The result is larger buy-in by your team as well as a true trajectory for success. For younger/smaller companies, we can still implement strategies for guiding the business to long term success.

Brand Legacy Highlights

Preeminent companies continuously reinvent themselves according to their timeless core values. Brand Legacy is the management of your brand over time.

→ Brand narrative

→ Content and storytelling

→ Branding and design

→ Digital and print campaigns

→ CSR programs, communications, and reporting

→ Executive thought leadership

Specialties Involved in Brand Legacy

To build a company’s Brand Legacy, we need a team of specialists in different areas. Each of these are their own area of expertise and we bring the best possible team together for your project in these areas.

→ Executive Coaching

→ Strategic Management

→ Team Building

→ Brand Management

let's build your brand legacy!

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Product Development

Product Development

Turning ideas and visions into real products.

what is Product Development?

Product Development is taking an idea and making it into something that can be delivered to a customer. Ranging from physical products to purely digital, product development is required to make the idea real. Industrial design, mechanical and electrical engineering, packaging design are core areas of product development. This process is typically the most expensive single area on a company’s books. Product Development also yields the products that then generate the company’s income. Some products can take a short amount of time to develop, say 3-6 months, typical development cycles range from 9 months to 18 months. On the long end, there are products and technologies that take decades to develop. Good Product Development will guide an idea through the changes it needs to be a successful product. Meeting the requirements of the user, manufacturer, and IP owner. The Iron Triangle is easy to see here, you can only pick two out of these three to care about: speed, cost, quality.

How Product Development Helps You

Product Development helps you by providing the framework and specialties needed to turn your idea into reality. Its process, when followed correctly, will always produce a product that meets its goals. Sometimes we must create new technologies first before that product can become reality. If there is a true reason the product cannot be developed, then you will know exactly why, which can sometimes simply create a new project to develop first. The path and final result may be different than what you imagined, but you will have a product. Good Product Development will not only produce a good product, but develop the right tools, tooling, and technologies around it to make it possible.

Our Product Development Process

The first step of Product Development is a feasibility and roadmap study. Through this, we ensure everyone involved knows and understands the resources, beyond just time and money, required to make the desired product a reality. Next, we enter a concepting stage where we take the core idea and create different versions and iterations of it providing multiple options for where to take the product. Following that, we enter the design stage. The design stage is where we take the top one or few concepts and make them work. We make the concepts detailed and closer to production ready. Detailed enough to understand some costs and make key decisions. With a clear vision, begin the design for manufacturing and final engineering stages. Here we involve any remaining suppliers not yet involved, adjust the design as needed for manufacturability, and get final quotes completed on production. This produces a good product ready for launch into the market.

Product Development Highlights

Product Development & Launch is a concept to profit process where your ideas are researched, designed, prototyped, and manufactured.

→ Product engineering

→ Conceptual engineering

→ Design for manufacturing

→ Proof of concept

→ Design validation and testing

→ Regulatory and process experience

→ Packaging design

→ Marketing and launch

Specialties Involved in Product Development

With the many areas Product Development impacts, we need a team of specialists in different areas. Each of these are their own area of expertise and we bring the best possible team together for your project in these areas.

→ Industrial Design

→ Mechanical Engineering

→ Electrical Engineering

→ Packaging Design

→ Graphic Design

Let's make your idea real today!

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Experience Coherence

Experience Coherence

Creating the best experiences for customers and your team.

what is Experience Coherence?

Experience Coherence is the conscious design of the entire experience of your customers and team with your company. It is your company identity, customer touch points, core values, and brand. Branding is a part of this, as is customer experience design, marketing, and even company operating procedures. This includes how your team talks to and handles customers and each other. The entire customer journey is examined and defined. Because of this, every interaction from the first time they hear about you to the last time they ever interact with you is enjoyable and seamless. This can be a short journey or a long one. Either way, Experience Coherence is our process of making sure that the customer and your team have the best interactions possible.

How Experience Coherence Helps You

By creating a coherent and cohesive experience between your team and customers we can remove and avoid the snags, small and large, that cause a someone to leave. This means higher retention rates both with your customers and your team. Every experience your customer has with you is a chance to provide additional value and improve your relationship. Ensuring each touch point is coherent, we create an enjoyable experience for the customers. This avoids drop off between marketing efforts and actual product/team experience. It is a jarring experience as a customer to have one idea of the company through ads, then have a completely disconnected experience when talking to sales staff, or worse yet, the product. Setting the right expectation and then maintaining that experience is key to avoiding customer drop off.

Our Experience Coherence Process

By taking branding to this next level, we look at the entire customer journey. First interaction to last, we go over every way a customer will interact with the brand. We also review who manages it and what can be done to improve the experience. We avoid separation of departments and interactions, often working hand in hand with a Design Management process. Because of this, we’re able to create a cohesive experience for customers and team members alike. We ensure the ads, marketing, sales, product, services, features, and support all come together in a smooth and coherent way that grows customer and team loyalty.

Experience Coherence Highlights

Experience Coherence defines a clear and consistent identity through every experience of your company. Each facet of design creates a synergistic impression.

→ Vision, values and culture

→ Brand positioning and management

→ Strategic messaging

→ Communications strategy

→ Corporate responsibility (CSR) strategy

→ Content strategy and editorial planning

Specialties Involved in Experience Coherence

With the many areas Experience Coherence impacts, we need a team of specialists in different areas. Each of these are their own area of expertise and we bring the best possible team together for your project in these areas.

→ Graphic Design

→ Website Design

→ Website Development

→ Branding

→ Brand Management

→ Experience Design

→ UI/UX Design

→ Sales Consulting

→ Team Development

Let's make the best experiences!

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