Becoming a Top Branding Agency

When you search for Top Branding Agency, you might get quite a range of results depending on where you are at. Websites like DesignRush and others publish lists of best agencies in many different categories. So what makes it so you can join this inner circle of “Best of” lists? After all, many people use these lists to decide which companies to look at.

We have been on quite a few lists over the last couple years. Each one growing our name and presence. Some requiring more work than others to become recognized on. There are three things an agency typically must do to get on a list.

Become Known

What do I mean by become known? You have to have some kind of web presence and be a design firm with clients. If you don’t have work examples, don’t have a website, and aren’t a company, you aren’t going to make most lists. You must have a digital presence that shows you are an agency and have clients. The vetting process is typically hidden from agencies, but the top lists use humans to find and vet the companies they put on those lists.

Share Links

Lists are pointless if no one finds them and many lists require you link to them in order to remain on the list. Of course, why wouldn’t you want to link to something that puts you on a list as a top agency? I don’t know. But either way, it’s good to link to the list anyway. Such an example is we were recently listed in a Top Branding Agenciesof 2020 according to DesignRush list. Which is great!

Don’t Fake It

Because the top lists have humans finding and vetting agencies to add, don’t fake it. While you might be on the Top Branding Agency list, for example, for a time, one of two things will happen. One, the main article will get changed to remove you, though if it’s been sourced by other news outlets, those might not change. Two, the place putting out the list will likely blacklist you and not be interested in adding you to any lists.

So, when you are looking for the top branding agency, make sure you are looking at the “master” lists because they have the most editing and curating. The rest of the lists are likely copies and sharing of the first lists made. Also, the more reputable the first list creator is, the better. Make sure you find the true Top Branding Agency near you.

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