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The problem most of our clients face is not having the expertise needed to successfully bring their product to market. We launch multi-million dollar companies, providing the product design & development along with branding and start-up consulting. Through our process, we will turn your vision into a lasting legacy. Your ideas can change the world.

Product Development & Launch is a concept to profit process where your ideas are researched, designed, prototyped, and manufactured.

Key Highlights

→ Product engineering

→ Conceptual engineering

→ Design for manufacturing

→ Proof of concept

→ Design validation and testing

→ Regulatory and process experience

→ Packaging design

→ Marketing and launch

Pairing our leadership capabilities with our ability to execute make for a powerful combination of strategy and execution.

Key Highlights

→ Ensure a strong visual impact

→ Translate design strategies into concrete action plans

→ Establish the best partnerships for design

→ Organize for a global design presence

→ Balance constraints with freedom in design processes and tools

→ Assist in nurturing a creative culture

→ Create awareness and recognition of design

Experience Coherence defines a clear and consistent identity through every experience of your company. Each facet of design creates a synergistic impression.

Key Highlights

→ Vision, values and culture

→ Brand positioning and management

→ Strategic messaging

→ Communications strategy

→ Corporate responsibility (CSR) strategy

→ Content strategy and editorial planning

Preeminent companies continuously reinvent themselves according to their timeless core values. Brand Legacy is the management of your brand over time.

Key Highlights

→ Brand narrative

→ Content and storytelling

→ Branding and design

→ Digital and print campaigns

→ CSR programs, communications, and reporting

→ Executive thought leadership

Marketing creates the path from idea to market share. The key to your success is a good marketing strategy.

Key Highlights

→ Consulting

→ Marketing strategy

→ Website Design & Development

→ Product line evaluation

→ Competitor evaluation

→ Audience identification

→ Content and SEO

→ Advertising

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