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what is Brand Legacy?

Brand Legacy is the design, development, and management of a brand over time, spanning decades or longer. Brands who have stood for over a hundred years have Brand Legacy. It is a way to look at branding and the executive thought leadership of a company and make adjustments to impact the brand, looking at the long-term goals and success. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs are also integral to this way of approaching branding. Putting CSR programs, executive thought leadership, and 50+ year planning together creates Brand Legacy. Brand Legacy takes the mystery away from how to create a hundred year brand and provides the foundation to create the next Coco Cola, DuPont, Colgate, JP Morgan Chase, Jim Bean, or Macy’s (a couple of these are over 200 years old).

How Brand Legacy Helps You

Building a brand to last generations sets you up for success in every area. Whether the goal is the sell the company or keep it, setting long term goals, 50+ years into the future creates a vision that few companies even try to aim for. This type of planning puts things into a different perspective. Focusing on executive thought leadership and CSR programs rounds out a business and brand. These help every other area of the business and creates long term success. Long-term success isn’t just a hope, it’s a well-executed plan.

Our Brand Legacy Process

We approach each area, CSR, executive thought leadership, and long-term planning, as parts of a whole brand and business. These areas help define and guide other areas, such as brand narrative and business decisions. We use the OKR methodology as part of this, but then push further to get the goals of the entire executive and management for 20, 30, 50 years from now. The result is larger buy-in by your team as well as a true trajectory for success. For younger/smaller companies, we can still implement strategies for guiding the business to long term success.

Brand Legacy Highlights

Preeminent companies continuously reinvent themselves according to their timeless core values. Brand Legacy is the management of your brand over time.

→ Brand narrative

→ Content and storytelling

→ Branding and design

→ Digital and print campaigns

→ CSR programs, communications, and reporting

→ Executive thought leadership

Specialties Involved in Brand Legacy

To build a company’s Brand Legacy, we need a team of specialists in different areas. Each of these are their own area of expertise and we bring the best possible team together for your project in these areas.

→ Executive Coaching

→ Strategic Management

→ Team Building

→ Brand Management

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