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what is Product Development?

Product Development is taking an idea and making it into something that can be delivered to a customer. Ranging from physical products to purely digital, product development is required to make the idea real. Industrial design, mechanical and electrical engineering, packaging design are core areas of product development. This process is typically the most expensive single area on a company’s books. Product Development also yields the products that then generate the company’s income. Some products can take a short amount of time to develop, say 3-6 months, typical development cycles range from 9 months to 18 months. On the long end, there are products and technologies that take decades to develop. Good Product Development will guide an idea through the changes it needs to be a successful product. Meeting the requirements of the user, manufacturer, and IP owner. The Iron Triangle is easy to see here, you can only pick two out of these three to care about: speed, cost, quality.

How Product Development Helps You

Product Development helps you by providing the framework and specialties needed to turn your idea into reality. Its process, when followed correctly, will always produce a product that meets its goals. Sometimes we must create new technologies first before that product can become reality. If there is a true reason the product cannot be developed, then you will know exactly why, which can sometimes simply create a new project to develop first. The path and final result may be different than what you imagined, but you will have a product. Good Product Development will not only produce a good product, but develop the right tools, tooling, and technologies around it to make it possible.

Our Product Development Process

The first step of Product Development is a feasibility and roadmap study. Through this, we ensure everyone involved knows and understands the resources, beyond just time and money, required to make the desired product a reality. Next, we enter a concepting stage where we take the core idea and create different versions and iterations of it providing multiple options for where to take the product. Following that, we enter the design stage. The design stage is where we take the top one or few concepts and make them work. We make the concepts detailed and closer to production ready. Detailed enough to understand some costs and make key decisions. With a clear vision, begin the design for manufacturing and final engineering stages. Here we involve any remaining suppliers not yet involved, adjust the design as needed for manufacturability, and get final quotes completed on production. This produces a good product ready for launch into the market.

Product Development Highlights

Product Development & Launch is a concept to profit process where your ideas are researched, designed, prototyped, and manufactured.

→ Product engineering

→ Conceptual engineering

→ Design for manufacturing

→ Proof of concept

→ Design validation and testing

→ Regulatory and process experience

→ Packaging design

→ Marketing and launch

Specialties Involved in Product Development

With the many areas Product Development impacts, we need a team of specialists in different areas. Each of these are their own area of expertise and we bring the best possible team together for your project in these areas.

→ Industrial Design

→ Mechanical Engineering

→ Electrical Engineering

→ Packaging Design

→ Graphic Design

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