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what is design management?

Design Management looks at a project holistically, bringing both design and business together into a cohesive strategy. This overlaps marketing, operations, strategic, and project management. It encompasses all aspects of design, engineering, branding, customer experience, and business for a project, or entire companies. Design Management is the champion of good design that produces good results across the board, not just in design areas. Collaboration and iterative work and key factors in Design Management, especially inter-disciplinary collaboration. The goal is to create as much synergy between areas as possible to ensure success through design. This creates more synergistic projects with improved results across the board for every project Design Management is involved in. From tactical to strategic planning and management, Design Management delivers repeat success.

How Design Management Helps You

Engaging our Design Management team creates synergy and optimal results for your business by involving all impacted sides to a project. Collaboration between departments and areas ensures developing the highest level of creative solutions. Through joining customers, innovation, management, business, and design into one cohesive plan, it gives your company a competitive advantage across the triple bottom line, people, planet, and profit.

Our Design Management Process

We employ Design Management as an effective tool and strategy early in projects. By bringing together all areas of a project at the beginning, we can ensure a smoother project for its entire duration. We have check points, gather input from all sources, employ design thinking strategies, and ensure protection of the triple bottom line. Engaging our Design Management strategies positively impacts your project results, supply chain, customer experience, brand relevance, and your internal teams, all working together synergistically toward a common goal.

Design Management Highlights

Pairing leadership capabilities with ability to execute make for a powerful combination of strategy and execution.

→ Ensure a strong visual impact

→ Translate design strategies into concrete action plans

→ Establish the best partnerships for design

→ Organize for a global design presence

→ Balance constraints with freedom in design processes and tools

→ Assist in nurturing a creative culture

→ Create awareness and recognition of design

Specialties Involved in Design Management

For Design Management to create the results it does, several specialties are involved. Each of these are their own area of expertise and we bring the best possible team together for your project in these areas.

→ Project Management

→ Product Consulting

→ Product Launch Management

→ Supply Chain Management

→ Product Management

→ Market Strategy

→ Market Analysis

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