Energy Collection and Production with Alexander Suma of IBIS Power

Welcome to another episode of the Conscious Design Podcast, today Ian welcomes Alexander Suma. Alexander starts off with a quick background story and introduction of his business. Alexander then mentions where this inspiration for this business came from and how he managed to expand it into a successful business plan. Ian and Alexander then discuss which buildings are the easiest and hardest to work with and how does a building type affect the efficiency of the power production. Alexander then continues to explain the energy collection process and how it is collected. Ian and Alexander then discuss numbers of how much energy can be produced in different scenarios. Alexander then continues to explain in which sectors he sees possible application and where the company is headed. In the guest outro, Alexander shares his final thoughts and invites people to visit his site and contact him if needed.



  • 0:00 – Guest Intro
  • 3:51 – Inspiration
  • 8:29 – Building Types
  • 12:15 – Subscribe!
  • 12:40 – Energy Collection
  • 18:03 – Energy Production
  • 21:57 – Other Applications
  • 25:37 – Guest Outro


About Alexander Suma:

Alexander Suma is a business leader, inventor and a futurist with a passion for design, technology and clean energy. He prepared his career with five academic degrees in architecture and engineering followed by business school and leadership training which he combines today with over 15 years of experience in the cleantech startup and scaleup world. Alexander is an inventor of 5 patent families, won 30+ international prestigious awards for his innovations, 8 personal awards, and is delivering 500% revenue growth in 2021 in his role as CEO of IBIS Power.

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Know more about Alexander and IBIS Power here: 

check out the video version here

Hosted by: Ian Peterman, CEO and founder of the Peterman Design Firm

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