Interview with Jessica McNaughton of CaraGreen on the Development of Green Products

Today Ian welcomes Jessica. She introduces herself in the guest intro and also talks a bit about what her company does and what the main focus is on currently. Jessica then continues to describe how the journey of green products has developed while she was in the industry. Ian and Jessica then continue to talk about some criteria for new materials that have to be met in order for the material to be used and what exactly Jessica’s company looks for. She also describes the process of picking materials for the customer individually and how the process looks. Jessica then mentions that while picking products it is also important to think about how working with the materials look in real life and whether the materials can be used. Jessica also talks a bit about where she sees the market heading in the future. In the guest outro Jessica shares a bit about her course and what can be learned from it and invites people to contact her in case of any questions.


  • 0:00 – Guest Intro 
  • 5:02 – Market Change 
  • 10:53 – Material Criteria 
  • 19:10 – Real Life Application 
  • 25:10 – Future of the Market 
  • 30:18 – Guest Outro

About Jessica McNaughton:

Jessica has twenty years in Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Strategy in semiconductors, engineered materials and most recently sustainable materials. 

green products

check out the video version here

Hosted by: Ian Peterman, CEO and founder of the Peterman Design Firm

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