Interview with Josh Flagner on Teams and Becoming a Greener Company

Today Ian Peterman welcomes Josh Flagner, a planning manager at Cleveland Tank and Supply. They start of talking about conscious design and Josh shares what are the hardships that you have to overcome to become greener. Josh also expands on the topic of some work market problems he has observed. Next Ian and Josh transition to talking about how to stay competitive in a growing market and new job benefits and why communication and personal touch are the key of keeping your employees loyal. They discuss kindness, hiring process and Josh shares a “dirty secret” regarding management. Josh and Ian also talk about how to get most of the studies and what can you do with them to help you become a better manager or a leader. Josh also shares his opinion on what is needed for a company to have a successful policy change and how that particular element can elevate your business to be better and overall, more competitive. Ian and Josh share some final thoughts before leaving and Josh invites people to connect with him with any questions.

• Sustainable Design (0:37)
• Work Market Problems (5:15)
• Stay Competitive (13:34)
• A Good Manager (22:12)
• Policy Changes (33:10)
• Final Thoughts (35:57)

Josh Flagner, Interview with Josh Flagner on Teams and Becoming a Greener Company, Peterman Design Firm

About Josh:

He’s an experienced planning and purchasing manager focusing on relationships and how to turn them into the driver for efficiency and productivity in manufacturing. Currently managing an administrative operations department consisting of Planning, Purchasing, and Engineering for Cleveland Tank and Supply. He’s also a Chairman for the National Kidney Foundation of Northern Ohio Advisory Advocacy Committee, using his marketing, digital media, and communications experience to help shape local strategy and build relationships for the National Kidney Foundation. In addition, he also is host for 3 Guys 3 Cities podcast! Most importantly though, he’s a devoted father who believes in putting flexibility and family first, for himself and for his team members.

You can find Josh Flagner and what he’s involved in here:

check out the video version here

Hosted by: Ian Peterman, CEO and founder of the Peterman Design Firm

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