Need for Culture to Change with Andrew Gaines of Inspiring Transition

Welcome to another episode of the Conscious Design Podcast and today Ian welcomes Andrew Gaines. He introduces himself briefly and provides a short background of what he does. Andrew then by using an illustration talks about the current system we have and what needs to change. Andrew then talks more about the need for culture to change, in order for progress to be ready and we can move to a greener future. Andrew and Ian both talk about how efficiency is the key to progressing and making people believe in the sustainable goal. Ian and Andrew also both agree that it is mainly a mindset thing of how people perceive the problem. In the guest outro Andrew shares some parting words and where you can find him.



  • 0:00 – Guest Intro
  • 5:01 – Need For Change
  • 11:02 – New Culture
  • 17:13 – Subscribe!
  • 17:38 -Efficiency
  • 26:51 – Mindset
  • 29:44 – Guest Outro


About Andrew Gaines:

Andrew Gaines is the Climate Change and Corporate Social Responsibility lead for Synergy Global. He is on the board of Be The Change Australia and the instigator of Inspiring Transition, a platform supporting citizen-educators championing transitioning to a life-affirming culture.


His professional life has been devoted to improving brain functioning as a Feldenkrais practitioner, psychotherapist, and creativity trainer. His books include Catalysing mass commitment to transformational change, Inner Work, and Creativity Games. His TEDx talk is transitioning to a life-affirming culture.

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Know more about Andrew and Inspiring Transition here:

check out the video version here

Hosted by: Ian Peterman, CEO and founder of the Peterman Design Firm

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