Sustainable Packaging and Concentrates with Stephen Reble of Etee

In today’s episode of the Conscious Design, Ian welcomes Stephen Reble. Stephen starts off by a brief introduction into what he does. Ian and Stephen then discuss agility and the role it plays in starting and maintaining a foothold in the industry you are in. Stephen then does a little product demonstration for people to better understand it. Ian and Stephen then talk about how the proof that something works is the greatest advertising your product or solution can get. Stephen then talks how when you want to change people, it is always better to take it slow. In the guest outro Stephen shares his final remarks and invites people to follow him on all sites he makes himself available on.



  • 0:00 – Guest Intro
  • 6:11 – Agility
  • 10:49 – Product Demonstration
  • 17:52 – Subscribe!
  • 18:19 – Proof
  • 24:27 – Change
  • 31:39 – Guest Outro


About Etee:

Etee’s mission is to be the spark that ignites the flame for widespread change in the way consumer packaged goods add value for people and the planet. Etee strives to source materials that are 100% biodegradable and naturally derived. Whether it’s the ingredients on the inside or the packaging on the outside – even their packing tape is commercially compostable. 

sustainability, Sustainable Packaging and Concentrates with Stephen Reble of Etee, Peterman Design Firm

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Hosted by: Ian Peterman, CEO and founder of the Peterman Design Firm

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