WeeCycle’s Story: Creating Community Through Recycling with Morgan Seibel

Host Ian Peterman sits down with Morgan Seibel, the Executive Director of WeeCycle. Morgan gives us a peek into the world of WeeCycle, an organization that’s revolutionizing the recycling of baby gear. From a simple yet impactful idea, WeeCycle has grown into a key player in the sustainable living space, providing invaluable support to families while leading the charge in environmental stewardship.

In a lively and informative chat, Morgan walks us through the nuts and bolts of WeeCycle’s operations. We get an inside look at their innovative recycling processes, tackling everything from car seats to textiles, and how they manage industry challenges like product recalls. Morgan also delves into WeeCycle’s collaborative spirit, discussing the potential for partnerships and the creation of a circular economy within their sector.

Morgan wraps up by inviting listeners to explore how they can contribute, whether through strategic partnerships, volunteering, or donations. For decision-makers and industry professionals interested in combining business acumen with a commitment to sustainability, this episode is a must-listen.

Notable Moments:

  • 4:10 – The Origins of WeeCycle
  • 5:29 – WeeCycle’s Programs and Services
  • 6:35 – Car Seat Recycling Program
  • 10:05 – Recalls, Recycling Textiles and Repurposing Items
  • 15:07 – Formula and Baby Gear Industry Challenges
  • 17:58 – Overview of WeeCycle’s Programs
  • 22:38 – Expanding Outside of Colorado
  • 23:53 – Partnerships and Collaboration
  • 25:27 – Determining Capacity for New Partners
  • 30:02 – Challenges in Distributing Cloth Diapers
  • 33:39 – Recycling Baby Gear Discussion
  • 34:51 – Volunteer Opportunities and Donations

About Morgan Seibel:

Morgan Seibel has been a pivotal figure in WeeCycle since its inception in 2008, initially serving as an Advisory Board member before becoming the Program Director and later the Executive Director in 2019. A New York native, Morgan moved to Colorado in 2003 to attend the University of Colorado. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Leeds School of Business. Morgan’s passion for community work and her expertise in business administration are evident in her contributions to WeeCycle. She resides in Denver with her husband Darin and their children Max and Demi.

recycling, WeeCycle’s Story: Creating Community Through Recycling with Morgan Seibel, Peterman Design Firm

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Hosted by: Ian Peterman, CEO and founder of the Peterman Design Firm

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recycling, WeeCycle’s Story: Creating Community Through Recycling with Morgan Seibel, Peterman Design Firm

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