Conscious Design Assessment

Scale Rating from 0-10

0- I have no idea what this is. I’m going to need definitions and parameters laid out for me.

1- I have heard of this but I don’t really understand what it means, I’d need examples to see it in action.

5-I understand this concept but I’m not sure how to do it for myself  in a way that aligns with my brand.

7- I have some ideas as to how I can start to use this kind of thinking for developing my brand/ product.

10- I have a detailed plan for how my brand is innovating within this area of conscious design and we are implementing it with success already!

If you scored 5 or below we recommend you read our book! It has all the concepts of conscious design clearly defined including great examples of stellar brands profiting and improving their communities future.

If you scored 7 or lower we recommend you take our course in Conscious Design. Our course goes far beyond the book, in that it will help you formulate your brands personalised action plan to successfully implement and profit from each area of conscious design thinking.

If you scored a 10, Congratulations you are a leader in this aspect of conscious design and we know that’s no easy task. Please consider donating your time and expertise to our conscious design community by being featured on our podcast.  We love talking with innovative thinkers and showcasing conscious brands and the amazing work they do for our world. Our podcast will get your brand recognized for its success and connect you with our community of like minds so we can benefit from each other’s ideas and shared wins to progress conscious design practices across the globe.


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let's make something together

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