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how project partM works

The concept is simple. Your idea + our design skills = your product on the market. If you have a product idea that you think is simple and is smaller in size, then we can make it real for you, quicker than anyone else. project partM is where we design, develop, and put your product into the market at no cost to you, and pay you royalties from its sales.

Step 1

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Bring your idea to us. We’ll sign an NDA and review your product. After assessing it’s market viability and manufacturability, we’ll determine if it’s something we believe will be successful. If it is, we offer between 10-30% commission of product sales for IP ownership.

Step 2

, project partM, Peterman Design Firm

Here we design and engineer your product idea. Sketch, CAD, prototype, and test. We do what’s needed to make sure the product is solid and does what we intend for it. We use the best tools and materials available for the product to ensure it’s designed well.

Step 3

, project partM, Peterman Design Firm

The product is ready for production. Using our 3D printing suppliers we ensure that the product is ready for the market and visible. We produce the products on demand if 3D printing is selected. For more involved manufacturing, additional work and setup is needed.

Step 4

, project partM, Peterman Design Firm

We manage promotion and require some sharing and putting it out there from your side during the first 1-3 months. Then payday! You get your royalties from every sale. We’ve done the work and now promote your product. From here, you get to kick back and relax.

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We believe in being the design partner to our clients, not just a service. Your challenges are our challenges  and our solutions yours. If you are looking for a partner to help make the world a better place or tackle a difficult problem, we’d love to hear from you.

Please provide a brief description of your project and we’ll get back to you within 1-2 business days. Let’s start our journey together. If you require funding, please contact us to learn about applying to our mentorship and funding programs.

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