The Historic Trust of Vancouver, WA

Re-branding, website design, digital presence, and marketing material


the challenge

The Historic Trust was established in 1998 was in need of a rebranding as it neared its 20-year anniversary. Being the stewards of several historic properties, as well as offering services to the community and expansion since its inception had led to the brand and name not encompassing its complete mission anymore. They came to us to create a new identity that would connect with the community and help show everything they now offered.

the solution

We worked with their board of directors and other stake holders to create a new brand they could all stand behind and connect well with the local community. We took that core brand and revamped every visual and digital part of the brand.

the results

New logos and design language, marketing material, as well as a comprehensive brand book were the first items we delivered. We successfully re-launched their website, social media presence, and created graphics and templates for their events in things such as banners and flyers. The entire project took about a year to complete and remains their brand today.


the design process

our branding process started with identifying their core beliefs, mission, and vision for the brand and then creating a visual expression of that to connect with their customers, the community


design assets

we provided everything from illustrations and vector files to print ready files as well as creating the digital assets for the online presence


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