Tools of the Design World: MailChimp

Communicate with your customers easily with MailChimp tools. It is an email marketing platform that has a lot of benefits to give to your business. MailChimp comes in handy, especially if you need to reach out to many. MailChimp is a powerful tool to make your business grow. 

MailChimp can send hundreds or thousands of emails to your customers. In addition, you can create campaigns, newsletters, and many more with this tool. 

To get more detailed knowledge about the platform, we delve into what it is, how much it is, and its use in the process.


What is MailChimp?

MailChimp is an email marketing platform that is beneficial for your business’s success. This online marketing platform does almost all of the work for your business. For example, you can give your brand home and provide a domain for your customized website

Having a website is crucial for your business. It is a place where customers can get to know you more. In addition, you can enhance your brand through your website. MailChimp gives you the freedom to choose your domain and upgrade your website through the platform.

Emailing is still one of the most important ways to stay in contact with your customers, new or old & MailChimp is one of the best known ones out there.

With Mailchimp, you can build the right campaign for the perfect channels to reach your customers. Having a broad reach through this platform means getting more conversion rates for your website.


The platform makes it hassle-free for you. Automate your campaigns to save time. For example, you can create newsletters and automate sending these out to your subscribers each month. 

Then, you only need to make the content and prepare the distribution schedule. The more people you reach, the more successful your business will become. Make sure you create the right content for each campaign you make.

How much does MailChimp cost?

You can start with Mailchimp for FREE. The free plan already lets you do more marketing for your business. Everything you need to build your business is already here in the FREE plan. The plan includes:

  • Email Builder

  • Marketing CRM

  • Forms & Landing Pages

  • Creative Assistant

  • Website Builder & Mailchimp Domain

The FREE plan already gets you started with your business. However, there are also paid plans. These paid plans have more inclusions. These will help you advance in the promotion and marketing of your business.


Here are the paid plans:


This plan costs $9.99 per month. You have full customization and get 24/7 support from the Mailchimp team. The Essentials plan lets you enjoy everything that’s in the FREE plan plus the following:

  • Email Templates

  • Multi-Step Journeys

  • Custom Branding

  • A/B Testing

  • 24/7 Email & Chat Support


For a more advanced business, the Standard plan is best to start with. You get more automation and data-powered tools. The Standard plan is $14.99 per month with 500 contacts included. You get the features from the Essentials plan plus the following:

  • Customer Journey Builder + Branching Points

  • Send Time Optimization

  • Behavioral Targeting

  • Custom Templates

  • Dynamic Content


For high-volume senders, this plan is perfect. Premium gives you all the marketing features and phone support. Price is at $299 per month with 10,000 contacts included. You enjoy all elements from the Standard plan plus the following:

  • Advanced Segmentation

  • Multivariate Testing

  • Comparative Reporting

  • Unlimited Seats & Role-Based Access

  • Phone Support


All these plans will already help in marketing your business. But, aside from marketing, you have the benefit of building your website in Mailchimp. Here are the plans for Website & Commerce categories:


You do not have to pay anything every month. The FREE plan already gives you the chance to build your website. You can already launch your online store with a FREE plan. You only need to create great content to make your website stand out.



Here is a plan that gives you access to website customization. In addition, you enjoy 24/7 support from the company. The Core plan costs $10.00 every month. You can get started and do more for your business with the Core plan.



Enjoy lower transaction fees with the Plus plan. You get to enjoy everything that is in the FREE and Core plans. The Plus plan costs $29.00 per month. Make the most of your online store and website with the Plus plan.

When is MailChimp used in the process?

MailChimp can be used from the beginning when you are developing a product or starting to grow your business. The tool helps in building your brand from the start. Once you go along and learn the tricks of the platform, you save time and continue growing your business.

Peterman Design Firm uses Mailchimp to manage our newsletter and keep in touch with existing clients. It is a tool used to create our monthly and quarterly newsletters. Email marketing is a powerful tool to make your business get the success it deserves.


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