What are the Parts of a Product Design Process?

The steps of product design are crucial for a business. First, it is helpful to know that each product goes through stages. These stages are continuous and go in a cycle repeatedly until the product reaches its final stage. The following comes from our experience as designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs:

A new idea is born

The first step usually begins with an idea. This is sparked by something very specific such as someone needing something fixed, or it can come out of nowhere when you see your children playing with toys. 

Then there are also ideas conceived after reading market research reports or learning about the lifestyle, habits, and rituals of different customer profiles. An idea can develop into just an outline for improving your product, or it can be more detailed.

design process

The idea is evaluated for its potential profitability, feasibility, and how revolutionary it will be. Next, assessments are made based on market research. The idea is researched to ensure that there are no patents already in place; if there are, the idea must either be modified to avoid infringement or abandoned without losing time or money.

So now you've got an awesome new product idea

design process, What are the Parts of a Product Design Process?, Peterman Design Firm

If the evaluation process proves positive, this stage begins with writing up a design specification that identifies what is required for each design element to fulfill its intended purpose. 

A few examples of elements might include color variations for different markets, materials used with their properties, necessary functions, and how they should be laid out on a board with their locations, dimensions, and electrical characteristics.

The product design is created and passed on to the engineering

At this stage, the product is designed with all specifications needed for engineering to put it into production. The product should meet its intended purpose while meeting or exceeding customer expectations. It’s a good idea to enlist the help of a design firm when going through this process.

design process

As you can see, there are many steps involved in product design that includes designing, engineering, and marketing the new item. If you’re thinking of changing your business process, it’s wise first to consult a product design firm for help. Product development companies will offer advice on how to improve workflow and efficiency within your business. Peterman Design Firm helps out with product design process.

Putting your beautiful designs in production comes next.

design process, What are the Parts of a Product Design Process?, Peterman Design Firm

The product is manufactured, and all quality assurance practices must be adhered to strictly for your company to maintain its reputation. If you’re selling online, then it’s especially important to provide great customer service along with a maintenance program for repairs and returns.

This is also where prototypes come into play. Large companies often build several prototypes before sending their products into full-scale manufacture. In contrast, smaller companies may create one prototype or rely on manufacturer feedback during testing phases. Once production begins, there are usually more small tweaks made, which reflect customer feedback from the use of the product in real.

But wait! Is it finished?

After going through so many stages, you have a finished product that’s ready to sell, right? Wrong. A product is never really done until there are no more ideas for what can be improved upon to make your customers happier than ever before. 

Concept Generation

The next stage is concept generation with the designers. The process involves sketching, using different techniques such as freehand sketches, wireframes, or CAD drawings. These sketches explain what would work for your design to achieve its purpose within reason and what will not work; this continues until a final design is reached, which fulfills all criteria with no obstructions from any elements or market research expectations.

This is where you go from Designers to Product Developers

At this point, it’s time to bring in your team of product developers who will build your idea according to the specifications. They’ll do their best to make it as close as possible to the final design and then build a prototype.


The next stage is prototyping, and that’s where your product developers take your product from CAD files and build a working model. This prototype has all the functions found in the final design but not all the details; this is done for faster building and testing purposes.

Once you've tested, tested, and retested your way to success

Now comes pre-production, which involves getting everything ready for manufacturing, such as purchasing components, negotiating contracts and creating marketing materials. You’re almost at the end, but now it’s time for Mass Production when every unit produced is identical down to microscopic level. 

You've come a long way; it's time to reap the rewards!

After mass production, product support begins, which allows you to make changes or improvements in case things don’t go quite according to plan. If any issues need attention, they are fixed before moving on to distribution and selling your new boxes to consumers everywhere. Hopefully, you have picked up some valuable insights into what goes into each stage of a product design process.

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